Back in late 2004 my cellular provider (I think is was SunCom) was bought out by Cingular. As a customer, I was given the option to merge, or cancel my contract with no penalty - so I cancelled, mainly because SunCom/Cingular did not have any of the great PDA phones that were out there like Verizon and Sprint did. So I started up my new service with Sprint and got myself the Palm Treo 650 - I LOVED IT! The design of the phone, the pictures, everything! Sadly, I could not get it to sync correctly with all my Windows stuff at work, so it was basically useless to me and I had to exchange it for the Audiovox PPC6600, which was a Windows Mobile equivalent to the Treo, It was okay and served it’s purpose, but after using it for a while, it became really loose where you slid it up and down to get to the keyboard.

After much complaining, they finally replaced it with the newer PPC6700, which in the few short months of having it, has started to have the same damn problem, among others. I cannot get the back to stay on the thing, so the battery keeps coming out and erasing all my crap - VERY FRUSTRATING.

But not anymore - my complaining to Sprint paid off. I told them that I was sick of the sliding feature and was just over sliding pieces on equipment period, among other choice words. I must have picked the right person on the right day and the right minute, because since I have been a good customer (i.e. I pay my bills yo) they went ahead and gave me the new Palm Treo 700wx with Windows Mobile. Look at it up there, isn’t it the most beautiful thing you have EVER seen? Isn’t it? I am so damn happy to be back with a Treo and even happier that it has Windows Mobile and syncs with all my stuff like butta!! I swear to god I want to marry it and have little Treo babies!

If you two decide to upgrade, definitely go with the Windows Mobile version!!!  Okay I am done oohing and ahhing now, I am such a closet geek.

She has been named thanks to Friglet and some-girl.  Her name is Wilma.
Wilma graphic courtesy of the two aforementioned ladies!