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Saturday’s Sundries-10/30/05

Earlier this week we had a really strong Nor’ Eastern come through.  I had to run to the Rite Aid on the corner to fill Kaiden’s eye drop prescription.  When I came out of the drug store, a gust of wind hit me in the chest and I ate shit on the pavement in front of several people coming into the store.

Speaking of Rite Aid, my friend Chatty had a rotten experience at a Rite Aid and I commented on her site about their registers.  None of the Rite Aids around here have updated their registers, so when your receipt is printing, its like an old damn dot matrix printer and it takes 20 minutes for the receipt to print. You just have to stand their in an uncomfortable silence listening to the receipt print. Drives me nuts.  Are they like that everywhere?

I had to show my ugly side at the Nissan Dealer this week because of their shitty, shitty service department.  I think I said something to the tune of “What kind of cluster-fuck operation are you running here?”

We have had cool weather all week long, and I could not be happier.  I love the cool weather.

I have come to the conclusion that four years old is the absolute worst age for watching movies with your daughter.  A four year old will ask you 423 questions in the course of a one hour and 20 minute movie, driving you completely insane in the process.  My answer to each question is “I don’t know, why don’t you watch the movie and find out?”

Lately I have been craving nachos with sour cream and chives all the time, and I am not sure why.

1 nineteen month old boy + 1 coffee table = constant climbing and yelling the words “Get Down!”

My funniest moment of the week occurred thanks to Dena’s son and Kaiden’s buddy Ethan.  I still laugh about it.  You can read about it here.


Guest Postin’ at Chatty’s!

Guest Posting

Spousal Pet Peeves


I posted this awhile back over at MommaK’s, but nothing has changed since then, so the list still applies, plus I added a couple!

Okay lets get the party going. I cannot stand when my husband does the following:

01. Takes off his shoes and socks and leaves them around the front door and in the hallway - it drives me apeshit!

02. Creates a little pile of clothes in our bedroom, that he claims is not dirty and that he is going to wear again, but then never freaking does.

03. Shaves his head in the bathroom and does a shitty job of cleaning up the hair - oooh that chaps my ass!

04. Walks past a pile of shit on the stairs that needs to go up and does not bother taking it up? What the hell?

05. Leaves little piles of loose change everywhere around the house, except in the change dish that I have provided for him.

06. Brings home pockets full of receipts and packing slips from work and leaves them lying around the house, until I finally have to collect them and mail them to his main office.

07. Has a beer after work and carries it upstairs with him to finish while he is getting ready to shower, then throws it away in the bathroom sink under the counter, so it reaks like beer under there.

08. Takes the garbage out and does not replace the damn bag in the garbage can.

09. It pisses me off more, when he does not take the garbage out, and I have too - his chore, those are the unspoken rules of marriage!

10. When he uses my tweezers to dislodge god knows what from the bottom of his heel - god that is gross.

11. Walking out of the bathroom naked and saying “wanna do it” - oh yeah, I am hot now!!

12. When he drives my car and screws up all my seat and mirror settings.

13. Leaves the wet towels from bathing the kids on top of the dressers in their rooms, to ruin the expensive furniture.

14. Uses a knife to put mayonaise on a sandwich, then sets the knife in the sink without even rinsing it.  He also does this with peanut butter.

15. Comes home drunk from a night with the guys and wakes the whole house up while he prepares himself a 6 course meal at 2:00 in the morning then finishes the night off by peeing somewhere in the house that is not the bathroom.

16. Tells my daughter, “sure you can have a pet snake” or “we can get you a bunny tomorrow” - then leaves it to me to tell her daddy was joking, because I am not having a stinkin ass snake or rabbit in my house!

17. Forgets on a weekly basis to give me receipts for his spending or to even tell me that he has spent money, leaving it for me to figure out when I go to reconcile in Quicken.

18. Leaves chapstick and sharpie markers in the pockets of his clothes, so that they ruin entire loads of laundry.

19. When he uses my computer to visit all these joke sites, that are funded by porn sites, clogging my computer up with spam!

20. Bites his nails in the car while we are driving, or anywhere around me for that matter. I am allowed to bite mine, but I cannot stand the sound of him doing it!

Well, there are just a few of the things that drive me nuts about my husband. Now do not get me wrong, I love him, but damn, he drives me crazy.

What drives you nuts?


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Aloha Friday-10/28/05

Aloha Friday is brought to you by the letter A and by Snarky!

How many hours of TV do you watch a day?
During the week I only watch about an hour to an hour and a half a day.  By the time I get home from work and picking up the kids at daycare, make dinner, wash the kids and get them to bed, I am exhausted and usually watch a little T.V., play on my laptop and then pass out.  I watch a lot on the weekends, usually Noggin or Spongebob - don’t be jealous people!

Have you ever sang karaoke? If you have, which songs did you sing? If you haven’t, would you try it?
Yes, with my friend Renee and my friend Kerry at Chi-Chi’s.  We were drunk from margaritas and I could not even begin to tell you what we sang.  I also did it one night at a dive bar and sang Puff the Magic Dragon with my sister - I am a rocker!!!

Play the Boo-Yay game. Tell us about a “boo” and a “yay” from the past week.

The kids contracted every virus known to man in the span of one week and then passed them back and forth like they were at soccer practice!

They are starting to get better, and they are staying at my parents tonight!

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