Hey There! My name is Misty. I am thirty-eight years old and I live in good old Virginia Beach, VA. I am mother to Kaiden-12 and Ashton-10. Currently, I am employed as a SATOC Manager for a local Construction Company. I love spending time with my family, good concerts, cocktails with Coconut Rum, the beach, flip-flops, taking pictures, tattoos, and getting pedicures. I spend unbelievable amounts of time journaling my existence and other random, totally unimportant things on my family website/blog. Feel free to visit me there and stroke my ego join in on the fun by leaving me comments!

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About This Site

The Scanlon Family Online

The Scanlons dot Net domain was purchased on April 20, 2004. Prior to having my own domain, I kept an online journal at Babies Online starting in 2001 when Kaiden was born. I stopped journaling there when they started to restrict the amount of photos you could upload and have posted, which was right around the time Ashton was born. At that point, I made the leap and purchased a family domain through Yahoo, where I also had it hosted. I built and updated regularly an all HTML site there for quite a while. Then I found blogger and realized that it was so much easier to do the journaling on that platform, rather than constantly uploading the HTML site. So I kept the HTML, but had a link to my Blogger site for the journal.

It did not take me long to get over Blogger and it's lack of features for proper archiving and move on to Moveable Type, which I kept for all of about 3 months before making the permanent change to Expression Engine in 2005, which I have been happy with ever since. I used Yahoo to host me until 2005 when I found that they were not compatible with Expression Engine, so I switched to DreamHost - which I LOVE to death!

I do a lot of tinkering with the design myself - but leave the bulk of it up to Melissa at Emtwo. I freakin ♥ her - the girl has mad skills!