Okay, I am not a fan of dramatic t.v. series, I lean more towards the comedys, like Raymond (you will be missed), King of Queens and Scrubs.  But I am a big fan of CSI, but ONLY the original Las Vegas version, I do not watch CSI New York, Miami, Nebraska, etc.

Last night was a good season finale!  I stayed up late watching it.  I made my kids take 2 minute baths so I wouldn’t miss it and I feel it was totally worth it, although the ants were kind of gross.  Anybody else a big fan of this show?  I even watch the reruns on Spike T.V. again and again.

After the show was over, they started setting off fireworks at the beach.  They do this every summer here, starting in May.  They do like 3 fireworks shows a week.  We can sit in the driveway now and watch.  Last night was the first night, so I woke my three year old up and dragged her downstairs and outside to watch the show in our pajamas!

ME: Kaiden, Kaiden, wake up there are “kabooms” outside.
KAIDEN: What? (with one eye still shut)
ME: Kabooms, come on.
KAIDEN: I was sleeping mommy.
ME: Okay, then you don’t have to come see them.
KAIDEN: Okay mommy, I will take you out there to see them, c’mon.

Man she is good to me!  Funny thing is, if you looked down my street, everyone was out on their driveways, in pajama pants and t-shirts w/ no bras, holding kids that were half asleep - so I wasn’t the only one.