Ashton Says

Ashton is allowed to bring a movie to school to share with his class during summer break.  As we were walking out of the house this morning, he asked if he could grab a movie from his room - I told him sure… hurry up.  He chose Monster House.  He chose a movie that made his older sister cry when it came out and she was his age, a movie good for Halloween… to watch with his class of five year olds in August.

Mom, I am going to bring Monster House.

Oh, I don’t know buddy, that one is kind of scary and is probably not appropriate for school.

Oh c’mon mom, it’s just a movie… jeez.  I’m not scared of it.

Ashton that movie is scary, some of the kids in your class will not like that movie… like Chase, do you think that Chase will like that movie?

Kaiden, this movie will be great for Chase, he has been coughing a lot and this will scare that cough right out of his throat.  I’m bringing it.  Let’s go mom.

Soooo, we took it to school, and I pulled Ms. Michelle to the side and told her that I was sorry, that we were not getting out of the house without it, and that she could just put it on her desk and “not have time” to play it today.