I Voted

Guess who has internet back at home? Sweet Action Jackson, that was insufferable! Now I feel like I have so much to catch up on, so I will break this up into some chewable bite-size pieces. Today was the Presidential Primary in Virginia - so I went and voted today - if you live in Virginia, I hope that you did the same.


Polling Location

Virginia does not have party registration in its voter registration process and Virginia is an “Open Primary” state, so the law states that “all persons qualified to vote…may vote at the primary. No person shall vote for the candidates of more than one party.” In other words, you can vote for either a republican candidate or a democrat candidate. The way they had the polls set up, you had to tell the people whether you would be voting Republican or Democrat prior to them giving you your card to take up to the machines to vote. The card was already loaded with your choice, so that only those candidates showed up on the voter’s screen - Well this pissed some people off BIG TIME!!! When I was there to vote, there was a man that looked like he was in his late 70’s ready to fist fight a woman for having the audacity to ask him whether he would be voting Democrat or Republican. I mean he was livid - face red, shaking and screaming at her that it was none of her “GD business” what his vote would be - that was his right and his personal business. Some people are very private about their voting position, I am not one of those, but I can understand how some people are and I actually agreed with this guy that it was none of her business. Virginia set this up all wrong. That should have been something you chose privately while voting. Boy was he pissed, I thought he was going to have a heart attack right there. Oh well - I got my vote in, and that is what matters.


Dateline: To Catch a Predator

About a week ago, Kaiden was telling me how she liked this boy named Paul in her class and that she thought he was really cute. So I was talking to her about it and joking around with her and I said “Wow, Really? Paul? - If I were you, I would totally like Trent instead of Paul, he is so cute and very funny.” Her and I laughed and it was dropped. Then yesterday, on our way home, she says the following to me, “Mom, I forgot to tell you, I told Trent that you thought he was cute and that you liked him and guess what? He has a secret for you - He likes you too and thinks you are cute.”

WTF? Apparently she completely DID NOT “get” our conversation and that I was telling her that Trent was cute FOR HER. So I am pretty much waiting for the phone call from Trent’s mom, or from CPS, accusing me of being some kind of underage predator. Good lord that girl is killing me! Can you believe this crap? You will probably see me on the next episode of Dateline.

This guy I work with is NOTORIOUS for getting lost and just being a little flighty in general. One time he called me at the office to tell me that his car broke down and to ask if I could pick him up. When I said sure and asked where he was, he could not tell me, because he was lost in the neighborhood across the street from my office - so I had to spend forty-five minutes driving around looking for him. Well today, he outdid himself.

He called me from his cell phone, from a client’s office to tell me that when he was leaving, instead of going out the way he came in, he decided to follow the Exit signs, to see if it took him to an exit closer to his car in the parking lot. Well, he ended up locked in a stairwell in their building. Both doors back into the building were locked and so was the door to the outside, so he was trapped. I could not stop laughing when he called. So I had to call the client’s receptionist and have her send someone around to check all the stairwells to find him and let him out. OMG it was so funny. So of course we had to totally screw with him - we printed out like 20 exit signs and hung them all over the office for his return.


Exit Signs

We hung one on the front door, and he seriously went around the side of the building and knocked on the side door for one of us to let him in. It just kept getting funnier. Can you believe this guy is a SUPER smart programmer? So funny.

Okay that is it, I think I am caught up. You are wishing I did not get internet back, aren’t you?