On the phone this morning with Nadine…

Nadine: I really feel like I need a deep internal cleansing… like I need to completely clean my system out.  I feel like shit.

Misty: Oh yeah?  Okay.

Nadine: I got some of that citrate of magnesia that they gave Big Kev to completely clean him out before his colonoscopy and I have been sipping it like a cordial.

Misty: You are doing WHAT?  Who the hell does that Nadine? OH MY GOD. **laughing uncontrollably**

Nadine: WHAT?  I don’t have the time to devote to an entire day of shitting, so instead of gulping it down, I am thinking that if I sip it like a cordial it will work slower.  Hopefully I don’t shat myself at the front doors of the grocery store later.

Misty: I hope you know I am putting this on my blog today.  You are so freaking retarded.  Who does that?  Who sips laxatives like cordials to try and “cleanse” themselves… slowly?  Oh my god I love you.

This is usually how my morning conversations with Nadine go.  I walk into work in the mornings with mascara already streaming down my face from laughing.  God love her.