Todd took Kaiden on a date night to see Miranda Lambert last night, which Kaiden was so excited about, and I was actually extremely impressed with at first. Until the truth came out. Todd has made it VERY clear for a long time that Miranda Lambert IS his hall pass (term used for someone so good looking, your significant other can't keep you from them; a free pass; usually used for celebrities). Miranda Lambert also happens to be my best friend Nadine's husband's hall pass. So Todd and Kevin decided they were both going to see her concert. But wait... that would look weird... two 40 year old men at a Miranda Lambert concert together.  Hmmm... what ever could they do?

Well, they could both take their daughters.  GREAT PLAN. Now, instead of looking like two dudes at a concert together, they look like two noble, amazing single fathers... taking their daughters, whom they live for, to a concert. YES... that IS A GREAT PLAN. In fact, such a good plan that they decided to upgrade from lawn tickets to seats - even closer to the woman that they both love, who has no clue these two morons exist. Who knows, Miranda may even look out into the crowd, see these AMAZING FATHERS and decide to leave her husband Blake Shelton for these two heroic, examples of single fatherhood.


Unfortnately, both Todd and Kevin had to come home to their lives after the concert and continue on with their marriages to Nadine and I. On a good note, Kaiden and Brianna had a really good time at the concert! So good for the girls... at least someone got what they wanted out of the evening!  wink