I have a very good friend that had a very bad week last week - very bad.  I have tried to make it a point to talk to him every day and let him know that I am here for him if he needs anyone, and also, just to make sure that he is coping okay.  He has got a super dooper great sense of humor so I was relieved when he was finally joking with me some on Wednesday.  When I called him on Thursday I got his voice mail, so I left him a message that I was checking in on him and to please call me back.  On Friday I did the same, but still had not heard back from him.  I called him again Friday night and he finally answered the phone, to which he was greeted with me telling him to not ever worry me like that again and to answer his damn phone when I am calling to check up on him!!!

He told me sorry and that a couple of his friends were going up to Ikea near Washington D.C. (three hours from here) and had invited him to go, so that he could get out of the house.  In my head I was thinking that it was a friend of his and that guy’s girlfriend or even his girlfriend, but it was not.  It was just three dudes taking a road trip to Ikea.  I started laughing uncontrollably and could not stop.  He asked me what the hell was so funny and I told him that his “dude trip” to Ikea is what was so damn funny.  What straight guys do that together?  I told him that it would be a cold day in HELL before Todd called up Adam and Big Kev and asked if they were down for a road trip to Ikea.  He and the other guys in the car did not see the problem with it and he told me he hated me and hung up on me.  I made it a point to send him a text message yesterday morning that said “A bunch of the guys are planning a road trip to Crate & Barrel - you in?”  He responded by telling me he still hates me and that he was going to beat my ass.  I texted him back and asked how?  By beating me with some coordinated throw pillows from Ikea?  He again stated that he hated me.  Which he does not, because seriously, who could?

But really, am I wrong in seeing the humor in that whole dude trip thing?