About seven months ago, I needed new tires for my truck.  I drive one of the new Ford Expeditions, and the newer ones are much lower to the ground than the older ones, which is what my previous truck was.  I was trying to hold out on getting the new tires, because I also wanted to get my truck lifted about three inches, and at the time, there was not a “lift kit” out for the newer model Expeditions.  Unfortunately, one of my tires blew and I was forced to cave and buy the new tires. 

We went to a place called Production Offroad to see what the biggest tire size was that would fit under my truck.  While we were there getting the tires, we saw a rubber set of testicles called “Truck Nutz” which are made to hang from the back of your truck.  My husband and I thought these were H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.!  It did not take our distorted minds long to think of some way to use the nutz in a prank – a prank against my mother.  So we bought them and called my sister so she could be in on the prank!

We took them to my mother’s house and proceeded to fasten them to the back of her Ford Freestar Minivan.  So that she could drive around for a while not knowing she had a set of nutz hanging from the back of the van.  We got laughing so hard, we could barely get them on the van.  We decided that it should not be called a Minivan anymore; that it would now be referred to as the “MiniMan.”

My mom ended up finding her van’s new found manhood, and found someone to attach them to my sister’s truck – which is all good and well, except my sister could care less if she has a set of nutz hanging from the back of her truck – so she left them there!

Have you ever seen these?  If not, you can get yourself a pair here.