I am a huge fan of Fridays in general - but THIS particular Friday, I could not be happier to see arrive!  I am exhausted this week.  Work has been hectic and seems to ALWAYS be in emergency panic mode - because SOMEONE ELSE cannot get their shit together, and now it’s MY responsibility to save the day… always.  Kaiden has had a very busy dance/soccer week with her upcoming Dance Recital and with the upcoming Soccer Tournament - add in a soccer party and I am done!  We have not gotten home before 8pm one night this week - not once.  And once we do finally get home, it is the mad dash to get homework done, dinner eaten (yes, we have not been eating until freaking 8pm), bath time done, lunches made, etc.  Not to mention household chores that need to get done - laundry, trash out, etc.  I am tired.  I am mentally and physically exhausted.  Kaiden is happy though, so I am happy… no really I am.  :exhausted:

Wednesday morning I hit the wall.  It hit me like a ton of bricks that I was just completely run down.  I was SO tired that it took everything in me to get out of bed and get going with the day, knowing all that had to be done, and not instead, just stay in the bed, curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb and cry.  So you can imagine, once Wednesday came to an end, how exciting going to sleep was for me.  I was having trouble winding down and going to sleep, but was just happy to be laying there trying… well I was happy until I felt something big hit me in the chest.


A F*CKING PALMETTO BUG!!!!  Our condos are surrounded by water, every spring, one or two of these disgusting, vile creatures makes it’s way into my house.  Wednesday night was that appearance!  It must have crawled up the wall behind my bed and attempted to walk across the ceiling (which is a popcorn ceiling) and lost it’s footing, falling ON TO MY CHEST - which is only a couple of inches away FROM MY MOUTH!!!  I felt it hit and instantly freaked the hell out, going into that convulsion state where you start shaking and using your hands to sweep every part of your body to JUST GET IT THE HELL OFF!

It went flying across the room and hit the ground running - the dog went lunging after it and I was right after the dog with my flip flop in hand.  That bug had to be destroyed, because if it got away and was able to hide - I would not be able to use my bedroom for WEEKS.  I really wish that was an exaggeration!  I smashed the ever-loving crap out of that bug, then had to scoop it up using a dixie cup from the bathroom and a piece of paper and flush it.  I then had to begin the mandatory post-bug-siting sweep of my room, tearing my bed to shreds to make sure there were no bugs in it, moving my entire bed (headboard/footboard) out from the wall so that I could check behind it and make sure there were no more bugs.  Checking all wall space, etc.  By the time it was all said and done, it was 3am before I went to sleep.  On a night that I REALLY needed to sleep - I got next to none.

I am tired.  I am so glad it is Friday.  I really hate bugs.