Todd has worked his ass off on our house this summer.  He ordered us all new siding, soffit, gutters, metal for the windows, etc. He ripped all the old gross wood off the house and he, along with the help of my brother and some of the people that work with and for Todd, he made our house look amazing.

It looks absolutely amazing and I am so beyond grateful for how hard he worked on this project.  It was NOT EASY.  It is not completely done, but it is about 90% there.  We need to replace a vent over the garage, paint the front porch, finish wrapping the windows/door frames in metal... but the HUGE task of siding, soffit, and all new gutters is finally complete.

And he hung up our super cute new light fixtures and my new address sign. I cannot even put into words how happy I am with all he did.  HE IS THE BEES KNEES!!!