Kaiden and Ashton’s school is holding their annual Frosty’s Wonderland this week.  Frosty’s Wonderland is a little shopping experience for the kids.  An envelope is sent home with them and we are supposed to fill out the envelope with how much the child is allowed to spend on each person they are shopping for, then fill the envelope with money and send it back in with them, so they can “Christmas shop” for their families.  Of course, I never want my kids to feel like they are not participating in something that all of their classmates are participating in, so while I was at the drug store two nights ago getting sinus medicine, I paid with my debit card and got $30 cash back in all fives, so that I could give both Kaiden and Ashton each $15.  Then I wrote on their little envelopes that they could each spend $2 on each of the following people:  Mommy, Daddy, Each Other, Gammy, Pop Pop, Aunt Kelly and Uncle Billy - which would total $14, so they could each spend the extra $1 on themselves.  I thought that was a fair deal and was already more money than I would have liked to have spent on the crap they would be buying - but it is all about the experience, right?  Kaiden’s class is shopping today… but Ashton’s class shopped yesterday.  The following is what Ashton brought home:


He completely ignored his envelope (and obviously no adult helped him with the envelope, like they should have) and he bought an Angel figurine for me, a #1 Sister Teddy Bear for Kaiden (I will admit it was cute that he bought her that) and then a car for himself (not pictured).  So, basically he selfishly forgot about everyone else on his list, except for the people that he lives with and he MADE sure that he was able to buy himself a Christmas present.  The envelope that I spent the time filling out, came home in the bag as well, all ripped open and ignored like a hookers blouse once it hits the floor!  Basically we spent $5 a piece on three dollar store items.  Ugghhh.

I can hardly wait to see how Kaiden’s shopping trip goes today.