I took Kaiden to see Shrek the Third and I have to say that I thought it was hilarious! I had heard quite a few people give mixed reviews of it, saying it just was not as funny as the first or second, but I have to say that I pretty much laughed through the entire thing. Kaiden really liked it too.

While we were there, we saw previews for two upcoming movies that look like they are going to be really good too.  The first was another animated movie, with Jerry Seinfeld, called Bee Movie - super cute looking, here is the trailer:


Bee Movie

The second movie was a comedy with Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live - who I absolutely adore. The movie was called Hot Rod and it looks funny (in that stupid kind of funny movie that I like kind of way tongue rolleye ). Anyways, here is the Trailer for that one:


Hot Rod Movie

I cannot wait to see both of these movies!!!