Hairy Buffalo

I am pretty sure that I have posted before about how my dad (The Captain) says some of the most off the wall, inappropriate things all the time and 99.9% of the time, he has absolutely no clue that what he said was either completely off-topic or worse, very offensive. We have learned to tune him out on a regular basis. This past Sunday, all my family got together to celebrate my birthday and have dinner together. I got to pick what we had, so I picked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. The dinner was great, but about halfway into the meal, my brother’s baby started to get fussy. My mom was pretty much done eating, so she offered to take Raigen into the other room so that we could all stay and finish our dinners.

After she took the baby, I started laughing and asking my brother and his girlfriend if they had noticed how Raigen loves to spit up on my mom. Raigen has reflux, but she never seems to get anyone like she gets my mom - I mean she soaks my mom every time. So we were all laughing about it and the conversation continued:

Maybe Raigen doesn’t like a smell on your mom, like her hair stuff or something. She puts this crap in her hair in the mornings that wakes me out of a dead sleep - it smells horrible.

Maybe it’s not something that she puts on, but is in fact something that she does NOT put on! (totally joking around and implying that my mom does not wear deodorant or something)

laughing and chuckling

Maybe it’s the hairy buffalo.

complete silence as you can hear the faint sound of a record scratch, wondering what the hell he is talking about and where the hell that came from - then all breaking out into hysterical laughter

We had no clue if he meant anything by what he said, or if he just happened to be mumbling - but it was completely random and came from nowhere. Thank GOD my mom had left the room. We were all laughing - but Todd? Todd freaking lost it. He could not pull it together - after covering his face, putting his head down on the table and just trying to force himself to stop laughing, he finally just excused himself from the table… in tears from laughter. Him laughing so hard made the rest of us laugh even harder and with all of us laughing, my dad just sat there, not laughing at all, like he had no clue what was so funny. WTH?

When I told my mom later what he said, she gave her usual remark “Ooooh, what did he say now…” - and when I told her I was going to write about it on my blog, she said a million times that I better not… yeah right! I am not EVEN going to tell her about Dena and I looking up what that could possibly mean on urbanDictionary, and that now we are questioning if it really did come from nowhere, or if my dad knew what it meant.  :sly: