I cannot believe that it is May already. We have been very busy at the Scanlon house. We are finished moving, which just reinforced how much I hate moving! Ashton is done with surgery. Now we are waiting for the warm weather, so that we can take advantage of living 3 blocks from the beach.

Here in Virginia Beach, the road that runs parallel to the boardwalk has become known to the locals as “the strip.” On “the strip” there are a string of bars that are where the locals go, these bars are known as “the block.” Todd and I spent many a night down at the block stumbling from bar to bar, when we lived down at the beach prior to getting married and buying a house more inland. Although we lived at the North End of the beach, which was a little to far to walk (we lived on 53rd street and the block is located around 21st street). Now, we live on 26th street, which is within walking distance from all the great local bars…

And so it has begun! I have started receiving the phone calls around 3:30 everyday at work from Todd and they all sound the same:

“Hey honey, do you mind if Barry and I walk down to Harpoon Larry’s and have a couple beers? I promise it will only be a couple. I’ll probably be home before you get home from picking up the kids. Barry is going to meet me at the house after work.”

I can see that I am going to have to nip this in the bud quickly! So I get to shuffle around town picking up the kids, while he is relaxing at the bar with his buddy. Somehow, I have been dealt a bad hand here. Maybe today I will join him to celebrate the festive holiday (which is not a part of my culture or background, but is a great excuse to drink nonetheless).