Kaiden likes to go with my father up to the church he works at.  While he is signing checks and setting up for events, she plays in the nursery and in various other rooms in the church.  She is always bringing something home with her.  Stuff that was someone else’s junk that was given to the church, because they did not want it.  Now it comes home with my daughter and becomes our junk.  I have begged and pleaded with my dad to stop letting her bring the stuff home, but he cannot seem to comprehend my requests.

The last item she brought home was this old fisher price children’s tape player, complete with built-in microphone, so that you can sing along with whatever tape you are playing.  We do not own tapes anymore, so my father stepped up to the plate like the “pop-pop” hero that he is and donated his old “Ace of Base – The Sign” tape for Kaiden’s listening enjoyment.

I swear to god I think I am going to lose my mind.  My daughter has been walking around the house for weeks with this damn tape player, like some old-school break dancing/rapper with it up on her shoulder, blaring Ace of Base at intolerable levels.  I did not like this band in 1993 and I REALLY do not like them now!  She brings it in the bathroom with her, in her bedroom, downstairs, in the car and she is constantly in my bedroom, in front of my full length mirror, so she can watch herself dance to it.

Somehow, I must destroy this thing, without her knowing!  I must get the words “All that she wants is another baby” out of my head, before I am sent to the state mental hospital!!!