Every year, thousands (not exagerating) of foreign workers come to Virginia Beach to try to find jobs for the summer.  They come on the promise of work and the knowledge that they can make more here in a summer than they could make at home in a year.  They have no car, no family and no place to stay.  They are from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania - the list goes on and on.  They usually end up walking up and down the street begging for a place to stay for the summer.

Yesterday, when my husband got home from work, he was pulling up the trash cans from the street and was approached by (2) of them.  They were dressed in very skimpy clothes and had on bright red lipstick that was not at all within the perimeter of their lips, apparently these girls are not taught how to color in the lines growing up.

They asked my husband if we had a room for rent.  He told them sorry, but we did not.  Then one of them stepped uncomfortably close to him and said “We perform favors for room to stay.”  He backed up one step and said he was sorry, but no and came into the house.  WTF?  I cannot believe that they are now walking up and down the streets offering blow jobs for a place to stay.  I told Todd he should of said yes, cause he ain’t gettin that shit from me and to ask them if they babysit!