Kaiden Says

It is usually the boy that I get to write posts about saying funny things, but I have a few from the girl this week.  Her wit… it’s a comin’ in now and is funnier than ever!

First up was a comment from her on our way to her soccer practice/the parent’s soccer game at the soccer indoor facility about a guy driving next to us down the road:

“Mom… oh my gosh… did you just see that guy? He’s wearing a turtleneck AND has a mullet!!!”

Then there was our conversation last night in the grocery store:

KAIDEN: Mom, you know the guy that does the afternoon bus run and picks me and Ashton up from school every day?

ME: Yes

KAIDEN: Well every day on the bus, he forces us to listen to some radio station called K-Love that only plays religious music.

ME: Okay, not surprising with him.

KAIDEN: Well, the other day, while we were waiting at another elementary school to pick kids up, they announced a contest and needed like 5 callers or something to call in and answer some stuff to win an iPad2.  He asked us all to pray for him that he would win that iPad2 and he called in.  Well he won that stupid iPad.  **Kaiden cannot stop laughing hysterically**

ME: That’s great Kaiden, good for him.  Why is that so damn funny?

KAIDEN: No… Mom… listen… he won it because he was the only person that called in.  They waited FOREVER… and NO ONE ELSE CALLED, so they just had to say he was the winner and award it to him!!!  Isn’t that hilarious?  Not one other person was listening to K-Love to even call in, so he just won it.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Seriously… who listens to K-Love by choice?  JUST HIM.

That one had me ROLLING.  That she seriously FOUND the humor in that situation JUST LIKE I WOULD HAVE!!!!!  PROUD MOMMY MOMENT PEOPLE!!!!  PROUD MOMMY MOMENT!