Think Sheet
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Kaiden got in trouble for talking too much in school yesterday during carpet time.  She had to sit at her desk and fill out a “Think Sheet” to bring home for me to sign.  When I read it, I could not help but laugh - sometimes the girl is just too honest. 

This is the Rule I Broke:
be a good listener. I was talking on the rug.

I chose to break this rule because:
I don’t know.

Who was bothered when I broke this rule:
the teacher.
my freinds.

This is what I could have done instead: (List four possible alternatives.)
1. I could stop talking.
2. I could start listening.
3. I could have a new carpet seat.
4. I think I could be a little more interested.

It was number four that got me!  She might as well have written “I guess I could act like I give a f*ck!”