I read a story over at Friglet’s site today about her finding her hamster that was lost, which was quite funny and amazing and it reminded me of the time that Todd lost his wedding ring.

Todd always sucked about wearing his ring, but I was always pretty forgiving in that department, since it could actually be dangerous for him to wear it at work. But this particular day, he was wearing it and he went fishing. On this fishing trip, they (he and whoever went with him that day) towed the boat quite a distance from the house to the spot that they wanted to launch it and go fishing for the day. At some point during the fishing trip, he decided to take the ring off while he was dealing with the fish and he put it in one of the cup holders in the back of the boat. When they were done fishing, they loaded the boat up onto the trailer and towed it back home. A while after he got home, he realized that he had left his wedding ring in the cup holder on the boat, so he went outside to go get it…except there was a slight problem, not only was the ring not in the cup holder, but the whole entire cup holder was missing!

Apparently, while towing the boat home, he must have hit a bump in the road and sent the cup holder and the ring flying out of the boat, somewhere one of the many roads that they drove home on. So, in a panic, he jumped back into the truck and went looking. Halfway back to where they had launched the boat, he saw something small and white on the side of the road and he skidded across two lanes to pull over on the side of the road. Sure enough, it was the cup holder and what did he find about 10 feet away from the cup holder? His wedding ring!!! Completely unharmed. Can you believe that? What are the odds of him finding that damn ring? He was home with the ring on his finger before I could even notice it was ever lost. When he told me the story, I did not believe him until I talked to his friend and his friend backed up the story! Unbelievable!