Well, my mom (aka Gammy) got a new puppy. She has been itching for one for a while, and she finally bit the bullet and got one. Please allow me to introduce you to Sadie. She is a 12 week old Blue Great Dane puppy that my mom got from Dogwood Danes in the Central Midwest. She flew in on Wednesday and has been happily adjusting ever since. My mom could not be happier!


But come on, just look at her - wouldn’t you be happy with some of that puppy breath in your face too? My mom has ALWAYS loved Great Danes. When I was growing up, we had Elliot, a fawn Great Dane - we loved the hell out of him. After college, I got Prudence - who was just so great and after moving in with Todd and his dog Moses, Prudence stayed with my mom (my mom would not let her go…). Prudence died of bone cancer in 2003, which was really sad. Now my mom has Sadie. Sadie is especially fond of Kaiden - I MEAN LOVES KAIDEN! Now to give you an idea of just how big Sadie will be, let me introduce you to her mother and father (all these photos are courtesy of the Dogwood Danes site, by the way - I have really been slacking with photos).

Here is her mother, Mallory:


And here is her father, Scout:


Pretty damn big, huh? My mom is happy as can be, and I have to say, the breeder has got some beautiful dogs!!! Anyways, I just thought I would share. There is your cuteness overload for the day - your welcome!