For Christmas, my sister had a ton of Blue-Ray movies on her Wish List.  She also had a Blue Ray player on her list.  She got a bunch of Blue-Ray movies… but no Blue-Ray Player, which was freaking HYSTERICAL!!!  Her Christmas Movies = USELESS!!!  She did end up getting the Blue-Ray player for her birthday, which was on January 6th, but until that day came, she just thought she was screwed (again… that kind of shit is hysterical to my family).  So, she was bringing the movies over to my house and we were having movie night after movie night, with lights out, surround sound on and all of us snuggled under blankets. 


The last movie she brought over was Pan’s Labyrinth, which she had hyped Kaiden and I up about, describing it as a fantasy movie… “you know like Narnia or Labyrinth.”  So we all got ready to watch it and found out quickly that the film was completely in Spanish with subtitles.  Kelly thought she not only got screwed out of the Blue-Ray player, but also was bought the Spanish version of a movie.  After some quick googling, we found out that it is only available in Spanish and made the group decision to watch it anyways.  Very quickly into the movie we pretty much figured out that this WAS NOT A KIDS FANTASY MOVIE… like after this scene:


Kaiden very quickly covered her eyes and Todd and Kelly shot each other looks and we continued watching.  It was not until after this next scene that I finally shot Kelly a look and said “Okay Kaiden I am going upstairs to watch TV in my room, do you want to come?”  She did not skip a beat and immediately said yes and followed me up.  Todd and Kelly continued with the movie making the evening a “date night” for them.


Not until AFTER the movie did we check the rating and read some reviews clearly stating that this was in NO WAY a film suitable for children.  Not that ratings or reviews have ever made a decision for me on what I will and will not let my kids watch… because they do not, BUT this one was a little rough.

So what did we all choose to watch the next night together???



Paranormal Activity.  Who picked this one?  Kaiden.  What was Todd and I’s response to her wanting to see that movie?  “Screw it… if she wants to watch a scary movie and thinks she is all big and bad… let her watch it!”  But not only watch it, watch it in the dark, with the surround sound turned up LOUD!  We were ready for her to be done with it 30 minutes in, but damn if she did not sit through the whole thing!  Damn her!!!  She even went right to bed that night with no problems.  Double Damn her!!!

I really hate when I want my kids to fail and they show me up.  :mrdevil: