THE NEW SIDING IS FINALLY GOING UP ON THE HOUSE!!!  Do I sound excited? I AM!!! We moved in a year ago and on Friday, new siding for the entire house was delivered. By the time I got home from work on Friday, Todd had already ripped all of the crappy. ugly, disgusting wood siding off of the porch area of the house.

I was surprised he had already done that... and at the same time I was like SWEET! LETS DO THIS!!! So he spent all day Saturday and Sunday replacing siding on the porch and putting up pretty bright white soffit on the ceiling.  His buddy Cleatus watched intently from the window inside.

The porch looks amazing with the new siding.  We are doing Cedar Shake on the front of the house and a higher end regular siding on the sides and back of the house.  He rounded the corner of the porch to let me see what it would look like.

We also bought all new light fixtures for the outside of the house, three for front, side and back and then a matching fourth one that is a motion detector for above the garage.  They look great.

He had a crew come over to the house two days this week and get the garage area done and he will work on the side of the house this weekend, sending a crew over to help when he can.  He is having all new gutters and downspouts being made right now and all windows, doorways, garage door frame, etc will all be wrapped in metal.  It is going to look like a completely different house when we are done.  We painted the front porch swing black and will be painting all the shutters and front door black.  Cannot wait to see it when it is all done.