Today at work, one of the IT guys left his notebook/portfolio thing on top of his car and did not realize that he did, so a co-worker and I stole it and spent the whole day messing with him - because that is the kind of shit that I live for. First he got emailed a ransom note from a made up g-mail account.

Ransom Note

Next he got a reminder photo emailed of what was at stake if he did not comply with the note’s requests. Now, I have to add that this particular IT guy gets a lot of shit from us for several reasons. First, he does not clip his nails enough and it drives us crazy. He looks like some kind of coke-head with those fingernails. Second, he wears this god-awful floor length black leather trench coat like he is in the freaking Trench Coat Mafia or something - OMG it is so bad. So that should help you understand the caption on the photo below…

Ransom Photo 1

As the clock ticked closer to 3:00 and he had not stopped bitching about his notebook being gone, nor had he left to go get the french fries and tic-tacs, he got a follow-up photo emailed to him to remind him what was at stake. Now the funny part about this, is that we propped the notebook up on another (unaware and innocent) co-worker’s car for the photo, and when he saw it, he went in her office and seriously got a little shitty with her - which made us laugh even harder - like uncontrollably.

Ransom Photo 2

If I could not do shit like this on a regular basis at work, I think I would lose my mind. That is why Dena and I hit it off when we met and worked so well together, she was always the perfect accomplice!