This weekend was supposed to be a very lazy, inexpensive weekend, since we have been going, going, going all summer long.  But, someone gave us some really good tickets to the NASCAR race in Richmond, so now I will be going there today.  I don’t mind going when it is a night race, there just better be some good action.

Ashton developed an ear infection on Friday (for those of you who have been reading a while, this has been an ongoing problem).  While he was at school Friday morning, he bit three kids in ten minutes, which is totally out of character for him (you think he was a bit irritable from the ear?) - so after picking him up and taking him to the doctor, we found that his right ear was so swollen that the doctor could not see the condition of the tube.  So, we are BACK on antibiotics, both orally and through the ear.  Ask me how much my copay was for the two prescriptions we were given?  Oh you wanna know, really?  $80.00 freaking dollars!  I almost cried to the pharmacist, telling him that that was supposed to be my gas money for the week.  Pffft!

Remember I told you I was really going to start my diet this week?  Yeah that did not happen!  I will be sitting down tomorrow and making a game plan for myself.

Kaiden starts going back to ballet and tap class this morning, so on top of all the money spent on gas and medicine yesterday, we also had to buy new ballet and tap shoes.  If you are a friend or family member and your birthday is in September….you may not be getting a present this year….nothing personal, my family just needs to eat.

Even though I am a project manager for construction projects, I have also been assigned the task of company marketing, which includes the quarterly newsletter.  I have worked all week on that damn thing and finally finished it on Friday.  We do a print and HTML version each time.  You can view all of my hard work here.  The Fall 2005 issue is the one I just finished, but I have done all the ones listed.