A collection of thoughts and other stuff not worthy of a full post.

We got a new Spongebob Video this week and I am pretty sure that we have already watched it 4,586 times.

My daughter decided to pick up a pair of scissors at my parents house and cut some pretty huge chunks out of her hair.  I had to call my mother this morning and tell her where in her house Kaiden hid the chunks of hair.  This little incident brought her father closer to tears than he has probably been in twenty years.  Just to remind you of how big of a blow this is, I give you this reminder:

I am down to a small handful of bras and undies that are wearable.  Nobody ever told me that when you have children, you become the last person that ever gets taken care of in the clothing and personal items department.  I really need to spend some money on myself.

As I type this, my son is over in the corner, squatting down and grunting like a grown man – all he is lacking is some reading material.  He has become so explicit with his pooping lately – complete with strained look and bright red face, we truly are proud.  We are even more proud when he does this in a crowded line at Target for all to witness.

I have to decide today on which route I am going to take with Ashton’s bed ensemble.  I really want this Pottery Barn Surf set like the crib set he had, but I may venture out to Bed, Bath & Beyond and see what they have to offer.  Or, I may order something from Dean Miller’s Surf Bedding.  Decisions, Decisions.  I do know that I am getting him this grass bed skirt.

Kaiden has learned a great new phrase this week, “Mommy, that’s a bunch of bullcrap” to which she follows up with the question, “Mommy, what is bullcrap.”  We have never been more happy with her.  Now her trashy mouth will match her trashy new hair cut!