So my kids are playing on this sandbar at the beach today when all of a sudden my friend Marci spots fins coming out of the water right next to them - I mean like less than 2 feet from them.  So we take off running down the beach yelling at them to get out of the water.  It was a baby shark stuck on the beach side of the sandbar.

One of the guys on the beach was nice enough to catch it by the tail and take it out past the sandbar so it would not die.  Once everyone had calmed down and we sat back down, we saw many, many fins out beyond the waves.  Obviously, the kids were done playing in the water at that point!!!  But Ashton thought the dude that caught the shark was AWESOME and went running towards him and the shark yelling "Hey, hey buddy, you wanna be my friend?  You are AWESOME!"  Quite an exciting beach day!

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