Birthday: October 16, 2001
Favorite Color: Pink/Purple
Favorite Food: A Wendy’s Chicken Nugget Kids Meal w/ Frosty
Loves To: Play with Little Brother & Friends, Go to the Beach, Visit her Cousin Jake in Pennsylvania
Into: Ballet, Bossing People Around, Spending Time in the “Chair” for not being a good listener.
Personality: Very Self-Confident, Independent, Little Miss Comedian, Center of Attention, “Commander Demander”
Looking Forward to: Going to new School, Swim Lessons w/ Ethan, Seeing Cousin Jake @ Family Reunion
Learning Right Now: How to Listen the 1st Time, Go to Sleep w/out Mommy & Daddy laying w/ her, Roller Skate
Sleep Requirement: 11 to 12 hours

Birthday: March 22, 2004
Favorite Color: Who Knows
Favorite Food: Cut up Hot Dogs and Mac “n” Cheese
Loves To: Follow Kaiden Around, Jump on Beds/Couches, Explore my Belly Button
Into: Crying till he gets what he wants!
Personality: Wants to be with Mommy 24/7, Joker when he is in a good mood
Looking Forward to: The gate being moved from around the Stairs, so he can climb them
Learning Right Now: Walk Fast/Run, Live w/out pain
Sleep Requirement: He does not understand this is a requirement!!!!!