While I was out last night, I had this tickle in my throat that would not go away. I thought that it was because it was really smokey in the bar I was in, but when I woke up this morning completely congested and with my throat hurting, I realized quickly that I was sick! I cannot think of anything worse that having a cold in the summer! So I got to spend one of the most gorgeous days of summer that I happen to off from work in the house laying around and feeling like crap! And now that I layed around, sleeping all day, I am up too late tonight.

You know who else is up? Kaiden! She is watching Grease. They have been showing commercials on Nickelodeon all week that they were going to play it on Nick @ Nite tonight and she has been reminding me all day that she wanted to watch it tonight - which totally cracks me up!!! She has always loved older movies - all the Shirley Temple movies, Wizard of Oz and now Grease! She is bound and determined to stay up until Sandy looks “really hot” at the end…HA!  She also keeps telling me that she LOVES how Danny’s (John Travolta) face looks and that he is “so handsome!”