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A collection of thoughts and other stuff not worthy of a full post.

  • I have not been very good at journaling stuff lately.  Not at all.  I need to figure out how the hell to get back to it.
  • My kids are in Rhode Island for the week with my parents and my sister.  They drove up this past Saturday and will be home this upcoming Sunday.  They are having a blast and I have the best family in the world for doing this for them during Spring Break while I work.  What started as “Dad, can the kids come hang at the house some during Spring Break so I can save some money on daycare costs?” turned into an entire trip up the coast planned just for the two little monkeys, and flying my sister up from Florida to play with them too.  My family rocks!!!  I am missing my kids though.
  • I never did blog about my birthday night.  It was fun.  There was a lot of drinking and not enough eating.  My friends all came out… so did my brother who brought me my birthday card, which you can see here.  It was almost as great as my dad’s, which you can see here (yes he stenciled my age on the card… and yes he used the word nipple in his write-up).  It truly is the birthday cards that make the birthday in my family!  The night ended in someone getting shot at a bar in the other end of the shopping center, and me seriously getting my car caught in the “Police DO NOT CROSS” tape while Dena and I tried to get to 7-11 to get our Go-Go Taquitos!  What a night!!!  Pictures from the evening are here.
  • Ashton turned six.  We had his birthday party at a park again this year with friends and family.  He had a really good time.
  • Todd broke his hand by dropping a boat battery on it back in February, crushing the bones underneath his pinky finger on his left hand (he is left handed). He had to have surgery and have a metal plate and some pins put in. After surgery it looked DISGUSTING and we have called him a slew of names - like Roy Munson from the movie KingPin and Frankenhand. All kidding aside though, he was in a lot of pain and everyone is glad he is okay.
  • Conversations like this one on Facebook make me chuckle.
  • And just because… this link made me smile, but then this link made me say WTF?