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A collection of thoughts and other stuff not worthy of a full post.

  • For the last couple days, my children have thought that the word “nipples” is the best damn word in the English language. Ashton has always called them “nickels” but his older, wiser sister was kind enough to point out that the correct word is “nipples” and they then proceeded to squeeze it into as many sentences as they possibly could! It’s driving me f*cking nuts!
  • I CANNOT wait to see this movie!!! OMG it looks so funny to me. Who is taking me to see it?
  • I need a new purse. I am not going to get one right now, but I need one. The one I want is Coach #F11666 and looks like this. It will have to wait for now, but I do like looking at it! *swoon*
  • You may have noticed that I have slacked on the amount of photos I have posted to Flickr lately. My Nikon D70 is giving me problems, which literally brings tears to my eyes. This camera has been an extension of my body since the day I got it!  Now, it locks up and will not take pictures. So you can add camera repair to the list of things that I need right now - OR - I could start saving up for the Nikon D200 or D300 - have not decided totally which one I would want. I feel worse than a college frat boy waking up hungover, with a sore ass in a Tijuana jail!!! FOR REAL!!!
  • The kids will be starting swimming lessons through Swim America again this year. This will be Ashton’s first year and Kaiden’s second. I really liked the program last year, so we are going to do it again. They will start that next week.
  • I am freaking tired today!!! REALLY REALLY TIRED!!!
  • I got my Economic Stimulus check in the mail yesterday - what a freaking joke! It was for a cool $135.22. We owed taxes this year, big time, so our stimulus check (all $1800.00 of it) went towards paying off what we owed - BOO!
  • Kaiden and I are both WAY overdue for haircuts AND I could use some new bras and panties. I’m just sayin…


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