I believe that it is healthy for a couple to have some competition in their relationship. It keeps things exciting and fun. Well I take competition to a whole other level and last night SWEET VICTORY WAS MINE! My husband is a typical man, and is completely engrossed in sports. He watches football, golf, baseball, NASCAR, in fact, if it has a fantasy league that he can participate in, he watches it.

Me, on the other hand, could care less about sports, unless I am at a sporting event, and then I am only there for a hot dog, some peanuts and a beer. But lately I have found it quite amusing to pick a team, race car driver, etc. just to spite my husband. I will pick whoever I think can beat whichever team my husband is loyal to. Well my husband is a die hard Steelers fan. I chose to root for the Eagles this year. Last night’s gloat-fest was so much fun, I should probably feel guilty! My team will be moving on to the Super Bowl, and my poor husband’s team will get to spend some time resting at home, watching the game. I really thought he was going to cry…especially this morning, when I kept text messaging his phone at work with the words “who is a loser? my husband is a loser…”

Good Luck in the Super Bowl Eagles! I will be watching (but only to see the commercials, as I do not need to worry about the score… my victory has already been achieved).