Ten on Tuesday will be a great (or not so great) collection of costumes from around the web.  I am sure you have seen most of them, but I really do not care, now your going to see them again.  Click on the links to see individual photos.

01. Man Having Sex With a Sheep
This is a great costume idea and VERY original.  It would work really well in West Virginia, where that stereotype is typical!

02. Tampon Box Boy
I love this one and what a good job he did on the costume.

03. Penis Man
I am not exactly quite sure what this guy was supposed to be, but he sure did put a lot of effort into his costume, and I am sure he was able to please plenty of women through the course of the night with it!

04. Priest and Young Boy
This one is just plain bad - but you do have to give some credit, cause it really was a good costume.

05. Camel Toe Elvis
Gross, seriously just gross, but strangely hilarious at the same time.

06. Extremely Large Wonder Woman
Something about this picture gives me the feeling that she was not dressing up for halloween, but may just in fact be that damn crazy!

07. Geriatric Hooters Girls
I think that this group of guys are hilarious.  I would be curious to know whether or not they made their own saggy boobs, or if their wives had to help them with that.

08. Old Naked Spiderman
Oh God.  Oh God.  Who had the job of painting his balls?  Oh God.

09. Traveling Mammogram
Very funny idea.  I have seen this one floating around, but it still makes me chuckle.

10. Vaginal Delivery of a Grown Man
This one is hilarious, and gets a 10 for team effort!!!

What are some good ones that you have seen?