So this past Sunday was my birthday.  I am now officially half way through my 30’s, and I have to say, I am not feeling so bad about it.  I had a great birthday.  On the Friday before my birthday my co-worker Bill spoiled me rotten, since he would not see me over the weekend.


First he had flowers delivered to me at work, which were adorable and made me very happy!



Then he gave me a goodie bag filled with all my favorite snacks - Mike and Ike’s, Skittles, Lindt Dark Chocolate, Teriyaki Beef Jerky and Pistachios.  Then he also included some funny joke items, like fresh batteries for my “toys,” Serenity Bladder Control Pads since I am getting so old now and may not be able to make it to the bathroom and some good chapstick, since my lips are ALWAYS chapped from running this winter.  It was awesome!  He is a great co-worker!

Saturday night Todd and the kids took me out for my favorite dinner… Japanese Steak House.  They got me some great gift cards for pedicures and to stock my Kindle with some new books.  Then after dinner, I met Dena, my brother, Nadine and Kevin and Ashton’s girlfriend Heidi among others for some birthday cocktails.  Dena got me an awesome sand repelling beach towel for this summer and a cooler bag for the beach - LOVED that she got me that stuff, it made me happy for warmer weather!  Nadine and Kev got me a buttload of Lottery Tickets, Heidi brought me flowers and my brother had his yearly birthday card for me.  I forgot to bring that in to scan - I’ll have to do that tomorrow.



We met up at our local dive, Judy’s Pub, that we always go to and I was surprised when I walked in and the whole bar was decorated for my birthday.  It was awesome, although I am not quite sure yet whether that should be considered a good or a bad thing.  Good that I am liked enough for them to do it, or bad that I am known well enough in there for them to do it?  I am going with good!  :cheers:

Sunday night I celebrated with my family by having a delicious marinated Filet Mignon dinner followed by my mom and Kaiden’s attempt at making cake pops.  It was a great evening.

It was a great birthday weekend and I am blessed with great friends and family!