Every summer, my buddy Dena and I pick an unbelievably horrific song and claim it to be out Theme Song for the summer. Last year, our theme song was Sister Christian by Night Ranger. We played the hell out of it whenever we were together and laughed our asses off, as we taught Kaiden, Ashton and Ethan to pump their fists in the air whenever they started the “Motoring” part of the song - man that was so damn hilarious!!! I am sure people driving next to us thought we were completely insane - which totally did not bother us in the least bit.

Well here we are well into the Summer of 2007 and we have not found a cheesy song to claim as our Theme Song! We have to find a good song and torture our kids with it!!! So I need your help. Please think up all the worst songs you can…and leave them in the comments so that we can pick one, download it into our iPods and begin the torture on our kids. The more songs to pick from, the better!  I am counting on you!!!