Beach FC U11 Black

This past weekend was Kaiden's travel soccer team's first tournament of the Spring 2013 season.  We traveled to Midlothian, VA for the weekend, stayed in a hotel and played three of a possible four games.  The girls played amazing in their first game.  They played just okay on their second.  And on Sunday, they played good again.

Ultimate Cup 2013

It was hard to blame them for the performance during the 2nd game, when it was raining and disgusting with a temperature at about 35 degrees.  MISERABLE.  More so for the parents than the kids, since at least they were running around.  We were just sitting... FREEZING OUR ASSES OFF.  It was great putting the kids in all our cars after each game, since the entire field area was a giant red clay mud pit.  The kids did enjoy the weekend though, running around the hotel, swimming and of course... having Kaiden make "videos" with her phone...