Today after work and after picking the kiddies up from school, I will be dropping Ashton off with Gammy and Pop-Pop and Kaiden and I will be heading over to pick up Shelly and Haley so that we can begin our drive to Washington D.C., which is about 3 hours from Virginia Beach.  We rented a hotel room to stay in tonight and then Chatty will be coming to the hotel to serve us hot breakfast in bed

meet up with us and go to the National Zoo.  Our hotel is about six miles from where she is staying at her sister’s house.  She told me in an email last night that the parking lot of the hotel is not big enough for her to turn around in case she has second thoughts once she sees us - and trust me, she WILL have second thoughts.  HA!

Kaiden is so excited to go and it has been such a good threatening tool this week to get her to behave, that I will be sad when the trip is over.  I will have to find something else to use.  Last night I walked into her room and she had like 30 movies stacked up on her bed.  I asked her what the hell she was doing and she said she was getting a moive collection together for her and Haley to watch on the way - apparently she thinks we are driving to California.  I got the Urban SUV all cleaned up at lunch, so that Shelly has absolutely NOTHING to complain about - she will have to actually sit in an automobile and be content, which is next to impossible for her, with that road rage problem she’s got going on!

I’ll make sure to take lots of photos!  Try not to miss me!