Today I received my complimentary copy of the new book “We Feel Fine” in the mail.  The book is “An Almanac of Human Emotion” created by by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar, and is a combination of photos and sentences that contain the words “I feel” or “I am feeling.”  Their basic summary of the project is “In 2005, we wrote a program that scans all blogs every few minutes for sentences that contain the words “I feel” or “I am feeling”. Four years and 12 million feelings later, we decided to write a book on what we’ve found.”

The reason that I received a complimentary copy is because stuff from my blog was featured.  They emailed me a while back asking for permission to use some stuff and I agreed.  Then they stayed in contact letting me know the status of the book and even invited me to the book launch in New York, which of course I was not able to attend, but still thought it was pretty cool to be invited.  Then today, my free copy of the book came in.  It is a pretty cool book, I would recommend checking it out!  You can check out the interactive online version of the book here.  And you can view the book here.