What a week!  Ashton has been sick, running a fever since Monday night.  It started with the fever and then turned into a chest cold.  So, we have been home all week.  We went to the doctor on Thursday and the doctor did not want to put him on antibiotics.  She said that because he was on antibiotics his whole first year, his body doesn’t know how to fight on it’s own - therefore, we are waiting this one out, at home, with no help from daddy (who’s job is apparently more important than mine, thus he cannot take time off to help, because its okay if I lose my job) - blah.

Kaiden has been at Vacation Bible School this whole week with her best buddies, Kevin and Brianna.  I need to thank Nadine for all her help with Kaiden, while I was dealing with Ashton (not like she had a choice, Kaiden through a shit fit in the church so she could go with her Dee Dee).  She really enjoyed it, and has been asking everyone all week if they have Jesus in their heart and telling us we need to forgive, because God does.  You see, we have to send her to these things, because she does not get any moral lessons at home!!!  They had a big program today, followed by a luncheon.  It was cute!  Kaiden’s class was the “Zebra’s” for the Noah’s Ark theme.


Both kids will be starting their new daycare/school on Tuesday - WAVE Children’s Learning Center.  This place is great, they have a Montessori program, an indoor gym/playground and camera�s in the classrooms so that we can view them during the day via the web with a password.  She gets to go with her friend Ethan, my friend Dena’s son.

Well that’s this week in a nutshell, hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!!


On the Calendar for Next Week:

07/02/05-Carpets Steam Cleaned

07/03/05-Cookout @ Nadine’s Mom-In-Law’s

07/04/05-Cookout/Fireworks @ the Pier