Lets see, this week I got busted by the census for not returning the questionaire, spent some time walking on the boardwalk, talked with Kaiden about not talking to strangers - which she completely forgot about by the very next morning and I got a lot of house work done.  Not my normal type of housework, the organizing kind.  The stuff you keep putting off.

I also stayed up all night on Saturday to support TJ in the 2005 Blogathon, which was tiring, but also very fun and I made some new blog buddies!

On the Calendar for Next Week:
08/08/05 - Chatty’s Birthday
08/10/05 - Kaiden’s Field Trip to the Beach
08/11/05 - Kaiden’s favorite cousin Jake comes for a visit
08/12/05 - Going to see Dave Atell at the Funny Bone