This week was a little more eventful than usual.  On Wednesday, Kaiden’s class had a field trip to the beach that I volunteered to chaperone.  Her and her buddy Ethan had a good time.  On Thursday, the kid’s Godmother and their favorite cousin Jake came down from Philly for the weekend, so the kids have been very busy visiting and wearing the adults out.

On Friday night, Todd and I, along with my sister Kelly and my aunt Kristin (Kristin is my mother’s youngest sister.  She is about six years older than me and is more like a cousin than an aunt - her and her husband are my children’s godparents) went to go see Dave Attell from the Comedy Central show “Insomniac” at the new Funny Bone Comedy Club.  We had a really good time.  Saturday night we all walked down the boardwalk to the amusement park that is there all year, every year.  The kids had fun.

Last night, Kaiden and Jake got to go to Ocean Breeze Water Park with Kristin and Kelly.  I am quite sure that Kaiden is going to be very sad to see Kristin and Jake leave on Monday.

On the Calendar for Next Week:
08/15/05 - Dena’s Daughter turns 21 and we take her out to Dinner
08/17/05 - School Starts for Me
08/20/05 - Dena & I are throwing a Bachelorette Party for a friend