This week was a pretty busy week.  As much as I say I am going to start to slow down, I can never seem to do it!  Kaiden’s full-time Montessori is in full swing, and she comes home with something new to discuss every night.  One night she came home and informed me that if “they” ever decide to install railroad tracks behind our house, it is not safe for us to cross those, or a train could come along and hit us!  Good to know!

It seems like Ashton has started speaking so much clearer this week.  We can now say eye, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, spongebob.  He has also developed the horrible habit of biting this week.  He was sent home twice this week for biting at school - I am VERY unhappy about this and have no clue how to stop it, because he does not do it at home.  Everything I have read says that you have to stop it when it is happening, and if I am not with him at school and he does not do it at home…how do I stop it?

We went to the Blues at the Beach festival Saturday night and they had some planes from the air show do a mini show over the beach and three parachute teams jumped and landed on the beach - KAIDEN loved them!  The Blue Angels were also hanging out at the Blues Fest and Kaiden got her picture taken with some of them.  We went to the Air Show on Sunday.  Kaiden cracked us up at the Air Show - they did a bombing demonstration and were dropping fake bombs that were so loud and created huge black clouds of smoke.  Kaiden got really upset and kept asking “Why are they destroying our city?” - HILARIOUS!

You can click the “continue reading” link below to see pictures from the weekend.

On the Calendar for Next Week:
09/19/05 - Kaiden’s Back to School night.
09/22/05 - Kaiden’s Beauty & The Beast Play Field Trip.
09/22/05 - Ashton’s 18 month checkup.