This past week was all about Kaiden’s Birthday.  Preparing for it, buying presents for it, celebrating it at school, celebrating it at home - I am pretty damn worn out.  I am pretty sure that she had a good time and was very pleased with all her presents, which included plenty of earrings, a jewelry box, Barbie and Cinderella DVD’s, Sky Dancers, a Furby, A Barbie & Me, Twinkle Cinderella and clothes - there was plenty more, but my hands hurt from typing it all.

Dena and I went and saw Ralphie May at the Funny Bone on Friday night.  That was a lot of fun.  We also went to Homearama, which is a showcase of new houses that the local Builders Association puts on once a year when they are building a new development.  There were some pretty nice homes, but nothing that really “wowed” us this year.

On the Calendar for Next Week:
A whole bunch of nothin!