I just watched that clip from my previous post again - and WOW, it really is THAT bad, so in an attempt to make up for how bad it was, I offer you two new clips.  First, you remember the doctor from the movie Knocked Up?  Well if not, here he is in a deleted scene from the movie - OMG this scene is hilarious!

Knocked Up-Deleted Doctor Scene

Now, the guy who plays the doctor is Ken Jeong, or “Dr. Ken” - he is a funny stand-up comedian and is an actual degree holding, medical doctor.  Where am I going with this?  Well I found this video the other day that seriously makes me laugh to the point of tears, and he happens to also be in it, wearing a sweet little silver unitard - I knew I had recognized him from the Knocked Up movie.  He sings a nice duet with Mike O’Connell, another comedian.  So now, I will also let you enjoy that video.  These two combined should certainly make up for the crappy unicorn one that I posted earlier!  Turn your volume down if you have little ones around or if you are at work.


What’s It Gonna Be?

Wasn’t that a good time?  “Like a U2 concert!”