When I was younger, we had a Whiz Wheel, also known as the Krazy Kar - we had gotten it for Christmas one year. It was orange with huge black wheels and we LOVED this thing. It was way better than a big wheel or a stupid bike and you had to seriously have some skills to operate the thing (not to mention some major arm strength), mostly because the brainiacs that designed the thing failed to include any type of rubber on the tires, so when you got it out on the street, it would always skid out, cause there was nothing to grip the asphalt. There was a true method to get going on this thing. You had to start out slow, so the tires would not skid, and slowly build up momentum so that you could really get trucking down the street. Once you got up to maximum speed, you could lock one of your arms, causing one of the wheels to lock up and it would totally spin you out, which was nothing short of AWESOME! My sister, brother and I fought constantly over who’s turn it was to ride it. I don’t remember what happened to our Whiz Wheel.

A couple years ago, my sister and I started reminiscing about it and could not for the life of us remember what is was called and I have been searching ever since - until now! I finally found it and low and behold, you can still get them here or here, although from what I can see, they certainly have not fixed the whole rubber on the tire issue.  I am SO ordering one for my kids!!!