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The Holidays are Here!

Well, this is my first posting into the “Blog” so we will see how this goes. Today was Kaiden’s Christmas Program at her Preschool. She did really well and looked adorable. They basically just sang some Christmas songs and smiled for all the crazy parents. I cannot believe that the year is almost over. So much has happened this year, we had a second child, sold our house and are building a new house in Suffolk. It seems like just yesterday I was a kid myself, and now I am raising two of my own. Kaiden is 3 now and is smart as a whip. Ashton is 9 months old and is really starting to get some major personality - it is so much fun to watch them both grow.

Kaiden is very excited for Christmas and insists on talking to Santa during each and every trip to that mall. She is also very quick to let me know that Santa is watching mommy too, when she is upset with me. Well I hope all is well with everyone and will post again soon.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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  1. I am a natural blond.
  2. I have a horrible driving record.
  3. My husband & I have a lot of tattoos.
  4. I try to get a pedicure every two weeks.
  5. I am the oldest child of three.
  6. Ever since I had children, I am a cleaning fanatic.
  7. I have a red-nosed pitbull that looks like a cow named Moses (RIP Moses) We have a mutt named Gilly, she is a pain in the ass.
  8. I drive a white Nissan Muranoblack Ford Edge Urban SUV and I love it.
  9. I could watch Comedy Central all day, every day.
  10. I love hard music.
  11. I can drink an entire bottle (or two) of coconut rum and still be okay.
  12. My mouth is the worst potty mouth ever!
  13. My father is a high ranking retired military officer & pilot.
  14. I have lived in Florida, California, Rhode Island & Virginia.
  15. At one point in my life, I liked Guns & Roses.
  16. I work for a commercial construction consulting company where I work on construction schedules all day.
  17. I was baptized and raised an Episcopalian.
  18. My two children were also baptized Episcopalian.
  19. My husband has never been baptized & probably never will.
  20. I love steak fajitas from real mexican restaurants.
  21. My husband I met over the phone through my ex-boyfriend and fell in love in one conversation.
  22. My first kiss was in 1st grade on the circle time rug while the teacher was reading a story.
  23. I play practical jokes on my parents very regularly.
  24. I hate driving next to 18-wheelers, especially on two-lane roads.
  25. I started smoking when I was 13 and quit when I was 23.
  26. I do not like being around smokers now, which my best friend Nadine gives me shit for every time she lights up.
  27. Somehow I ended up working in the Construction Industry.
  28. I loved the show Alf when it was on the air and begged my mom to buy me a stuffed Alf.
  29. Some of my best elementary school memories occurred during the last couples skate at the school skating party to the soundtrack of Journey.
  30. I was pretty good at Shoot the Duck at those skating parties, but not limbo.
  31. I was always that friend that was the worst influence, but somehow was the most loved and trusted by the parents.
  32. I HATE Seafood.
  33. I was a bartender while I was in college.
  34. I can drink my husband under the table.
  35. He will not admit that fact.
  36. I never got good grades.
  37. But am smarter than the average bear!
  38. My husband grew up in Hawaii.
  39. Where he sported a mullet.
  40. He denied this fact until his mother gave me a picture.
  41. He then said that they were in style in Hawaii.
  42. I told him that when I saw North Shore, no one had mullets.
  43. He told me to shut up and he hates me.
  44. He also wore homemade OP shorts, which I refer to as “PO’s,” as in “you were to po to buy the real thing.”
  45. I have a warped sense of humor!
  46. I hated being pregnant…both times.
  47. Fortunately, I had very easy deliveries…both times.
  48. My first was induced and my second was pre-mature.
  49. I hated being in the hospital both times.
  50. I am half way through this list.
  51. I have had long hair forever.
  52. I have never met my weekly budget.
  53. I continue to believe that I have a budget
  54. I am a pretty decent wakeboarder
  55. My husband is much better
  56. I used to run 5 miles a day before I had children. (Back to running 3 to 4 miles a day)
  57. I don’t have a lot of patience.
  58. My favorite color is yellow.
  59. I like cherry flavored stuff, but hate cherries.
  60. I like bananas, but hate banana flavored stuff.
  61. I cannot stay under 700 minutes on my cell phone, ever! Damn you Nadine and Dena!
  62. I wish that chips and onion dip were good for you.
  63. When my husband and I were dating, it was nothing for us to blow $300 to $400 a night at the bars.
  64. I had an epidural with both my deliveries.
  65. I did not breastfeed either time because I do not produce enough milk.
  66. That was very depressing for me after Kaiden was born.
  67. I did not let it get to me so much when Ashton was born.
  68. I cannot have more than four ice cubes in my drink unless I have a straw.
  69. I cannot stand when people whistle at work or clip their nails at work - it really pisses me off.
  70. I make the best twice baked potatoes EVER!
  71. I have suffered from sinus problems and allergies my whole life.
  72. I also get migraines.
  73. I am so allergic to poison ivy, that I usually have to be hospitalized and put on steroids when exposed.
  74. They found cancerous cells on my cervix when I was pregnant with Ashton.
  75. I am supposed to get a pap smear every three to four months now.
  76. I LOVE buying office supplies and desk accessories.
  77. I have always used Huggies diapers and Enfamil formula.
  78. My OBGYN called my husband a “pussy” when he tried to back out of cutting the umbilical cord with Kaiden.
  79. I have always been a HUGE fan of apple juice - so is my daughter.
  80. I am a classic example of my children being punishment for my ways.
  81. I cannot sleep if there are dishes in the sink.
  82. I am always gung ho with anything new, but have always had problems with finishing anything.
  83. I am 5’3 inches tall.
  84. I wear a size 9 shoe.  I was a size 8 before I had kids.
  85. I love people watching.
  86. I get flusterred very easily and tend to spaz out.
  87. I only wear mascara on a daily basis.  If we are going to an event, I add eye shadow, eye liner and a little lip gloss. NEVER any powder, foundation or caked on junk.
  88. I have witnessed two people die.
  89. I have been held at gunpoint and charged with a felony for “fictitious tags” because my car dealership forgot to transfer my tags and the cop thought I stole my car.
  90. I forgot about and failed to appear in court for the above mentioned felony and was found “Not Guilty” in my absence! HAHA
  91. I have always been a liquor drinker, but have recently been craving beer.
  92. If I EVER lose all the weight I gained having kids, I am getting a boob job (NOT BIGGER… just you know - lifted and purtied up).
  93. I hate wearing my seatbelt.

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Profile (Current as of 01/03/07)

I look pretty innocent, huh?

100 Things
Nine Layers

NAME: Misty (aka: soapbox.SUPERSTAR)
AGE: 30
LOCATION: Virginia Beach, Virginia
GENDER: 100% Female (I have the marks from childbirth to prove it!)
MARRIED TO: Todd for 5 Years
WE MET: Over the phone, through an ex-boyfriend and fell in love immediately!
CHILDREN: Two - Kaiden (D) is 5 and Ashton (S) is 2.5.
MY TATTOOS: My Entire Back - work in progress
TODD’S TATTOOS: Both Arms & Legs Covered (looks funny on the golf course)
MY SIGN: Pisces
OCCUPATION: Commercial Construction Consulting/Scheduling Project Manager

Neurotic, Anally Organized, Control Freak, Hilarious, Never Politically Correct, Impatient, Smart, Laid Back, Picky, Married, Tattooed, Simple, Plain, Mother, Successful, Really Bad Potty-Mouth!

Quiet Time Without Kids, Good Concerts, Coctails with Coconut Rum, The Beach, Flip Flops, Photography, Running, Tattoos, Pedicures.

Anythng Hard - Tool, Mudvayne, Taproot, Flaw, Ill Nino, But I am also a sucker for some reggae - Steel Pulse, classic Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and not to mention some Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson. I like some punk music - Face to Face, Bouncing Souls, 7Seconds, Fugazi, Misfits. Oh, and then there is my main man Otis Redding, along with some Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone.

Office Space, Old School, 50 First Dates - Anything funny and stupid!

Scrubs, CSI (the Vegas one only), Saturday Night Live (Re-Runs too), Grey’s Anatomy, King of Queens, The Office, Reno 911

The Secret Life of Bees, The Prophet by Khalil Gibran, The Witching Hour - What a mix!

I have done some partying in my lifetime and have done some things that I will lie to my children about if ever asked!!!!


11 Year Old American Staffordshire Terrior
Moses on Dogster

5 Year Old Siberian Cat
Mable on Catster

5 Month Old English Bulldog
Knox on Dogster

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