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Things Thursday-01/26/06

This Weeks Things:

01. Something that makes you laugh.
Watching these two (my daughter Kaiden and Dena’s son Ethan) parade around like a grown couple cracks me up.  They fight like a married couple, they kiss and make up like a married couple - they are absolutely HILARIOUS to watch!

02. An old photo of yourself.
Here I am in all my glory.  This is me when I was probably two years old - Kaiden resembles me A LOT when I was little, except I did not have the curls.

03. One of the first things you see in the morning.
This is the first this I see EVERY morning.  It is my son Ashton - the “BEAST.”  He wakes me up EVERY morning and is more reliable than my alarm clock.

Next Weeks Things (Due 02/02/06):
01. Your favorite place to eat.
02. Something comfy.
03. Something you like, but no one else in your family does.

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Palm Tree Princess

Please go visit my new tenant.  It is none other than LC over at Palm Tree Princess.  I have been reading her blog for a while now and she is SUPER SUPER nice.  So please go say hi and tell her that I sent you.  Thanks bunches!

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Flat Stanley

Several weeks ago, my cousin (yes I have a cousin that is in second grade) sent me a “Flat Stanley” in the mail.  Flat Stanley is a character in a book that his class read.  The class started a project, where they all made their own Flat Stanley’s and sent them out to see the world.  I thought I would post the photos that we sent back to Jake’s school showing the adventures that his Flat Stanley went on while visiting Virginia Beach.

We also had to include a letter when we sent Stanley back:

Dear Jake,

Thank you so much for asking us to participate in your Flat Stanley project.  Kaiden and I had so much fun deciding where Flat Stanley should visit in Virginia.  Many of the places that Flat Stanley went are places that you have visited when you come to visit us here in Virginia Beach.  We also decided to show some of the places that are close to Virginia Beach.  We have included pictures of Flat Stanley’s adventures while in Virginia Beach.  Each picture has a description of where he is that you can share with your classmates.  Make sure to tell your classmates about when you visited these places.  Here is a list of the photos included:

  • Flat Stanley at the “Welcome to Virginia Beach” sign.
  • Flat Stanley on the Virginia Beach boardwalk-3 blocks from our house, remember we walked there?
  • Flat Stanley on the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier.  Remember this is across from the big Ferris wheel and amusement park that you went to?
  • Flat Stanley on the Virginia Beach boardwalk during the Christmas lights.
  • Flat Stanley at Mount Trashmore, which is near Aunt Betsy’s house.  You and Kaiden like to go to Kid’s Cove and play.
  • Flat Stanley at Ocean Breeze Water Park.  You and Kaiden went here last summer.
  • Flat Stanley at Busch Gardens, this place is lots of fun!
  • Flat Stanley in Colonial Jamestown, where the colonists set up the first colony in America.
  • Flat Stanley in Jamestown with the three ships that brought the colonists to America, the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery.
  • Flat Stanley in Colonial Williamsburg, which is filled with old historical buildings and some great shopping too.
  • Flat Stanley in Washington D.C., which is our Nation’s Capitol, home to the President of the United States and is only 3 hours away from Virginia Beach.
  • Flat Stanley at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which is the bridge that you travel across every time you come to visit us!

Hope you have lots of fun sharing with your class!  We love you and can’t wait to see you soon!

Misty and Kaiden

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Ten On Tuesday-01/24/06

01. Having endless imagination.
The world is at your feet and you can still be whatever you want to be, what could be better than that?

02. Playing outside until the streetlights come on.
For some reason, the streetlights always came on later on the streets I happened to be playing on, or at least that is what I told my mom.

03. Having schoolyard crushes.
And having plenty of them!!!

04. Getting to stay up late.
There was nothing better than when the weekend or summer came around and bedtimes disappeared.

05. The joy of Holidays.
Holidays just aren’t the same as an adult as they are for a kid.  Christmas, Halloween, Easter - anything that gained you presents or candy!

06. Summertime swimming.
We would swim all summer long - at the beach, in the pool.  I am surprised we did not grow gills and become fish.

07. Taking bathes.
You just don’t have time to take bathes as an adult like you did as a kid.  Some nights we would stay in the tub till our fingers looked like shriveled little raisins.

08. Watching cartoons.
Don’t you miss the Saturday morning cartoon marathons?  Or coming home after school, throwing your backpack down and wathing the after school cartoons?

09. Having character themed underwear.
I will never forget my Wonder Woman under-roos!

10. Loads of energy.
I could stay outside running around forever and never get tired.  What I would not give for that energy now.

What do you think?

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Saturday’s Sundries-01/21/06

A collection of thoughts and other stuff not worthy of a full post.

I have been fighting with this guy on Ebay for over a month now and I am really starting to get pissed.  I ordered something for Kaiden for Christmas back in November and he never sent it, so after numerous emails, phone calls, threats and paypal disputes he finally sent it - and it was freakin broken in pieces!  BASTARD!  I’ll be heading back onto Ebay to purchase a VooDoo doll now.

Ashton learned how to spit this week - we are so PROUD!  He now thinks it is acceptable to spit in your face whenever you pick him up and when you tell him NO NO - he laughes right in your face, a hearty laugh, as if to say “You are such a loser mom.”  Again, I am the PRIME example of being punished for your youthful ways!

I finally shaved out all of the dread locks on my rastafarian cat.  I am pretty sure that it got so bad because of the two times she got out of the house.  She must have gone into the woods/saltmarsh behind my house and rolled in some sap or something, which caused all her fur to matte up.

I got some pretty bad health news this week, but it is fixable, so I am not letting it get me down or interrupt my fitness quest!!!

I also got some wonderful news this week, which will make for ONE HELL OF A BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR (and it’s my 30th too)!  My whole spirit has been lifted and I have felt like I have been on cloud nine for a couple days now!

I am really wishing that all of our tax stuff would hurry up and come in, so I can get that done and out of the way!  Hopefully we will get some money back this year.

All my working out and dieting is FINALLY starting to pay off.  I am starting to see changes in the mirror, and Ashton is pointing and yelling “Boobie” more - so they must be looking perkier too!  They’ll be really perky when I reach my fitness goals and reward myself with that boob job!

I need to finish this damn post and hurry up and call the nail salon and schedule my pedicure appointment today!  So I bid you adue!

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