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Best Buds!

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Dena and I have been friends since 1999.  That was the year that we started working together.  We did not work together two days, before we hit it off and realized how much we really had in common.  We started hanging out outside of work and our husbands started hanging out with us.  Then our husbands became friends and didn’t need us around for them to go play golf or go to a NASCAR race or concert together.  We got pregnent around the same time with Kaiden and Ethan and now they are best buds.

Though I no longer work for the same company as her, we have stayed in contact.  We drifted for a while, but have pretty much been inseperable for the last two years again.  Where am I going with all this?

Yesterday, while Dena and I were at the pool, Dena’s neighbor came to lay out.  This has been Dena’s neighbor for as long as I can remember.  After she got situated in her chair, she looked at me and said, “Hi there, we have not been introduced, what’s your name?,” to which I replied, “Oh I am Misty, one of Dena’s best friends.”  Dena’s neighbor replied, “Your her best friend, hmmmm, I have never heard her mention your name before.”

Hmmm, really?  Cause I have heard you mentioned for years now, and I have never even been brought up?  Not when you come over or when you and Dena go on your walks in the evenings?  Try to picture the glare that shot across the pool into Dena’s direction.  Dena said “What?” and I just said, “Umm who are you, I am not sure I have ever heard you mentioned before.”

Thanks Dena, for keeping me a significant part of your life for almost seven years now.  I feel loved - you big asshole!

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Your Thoughts?

Imagine you are driving down the street on the way home from work.  You cut through the local trailer park neighborhood to get home quicker, when you happen to look over at one of the driveways and see a dead cat laying there, covered by a dish towel, with a potted plant next to it - a proper burial for any beloved family pet.

What do you do?

You stop your car, get out and take a picture of it to post on your blog, because no one would ever believe that you saw something like that, unless you had the picture to prove it!

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Now This Is Irony!

This news story is hilarious (well not so much for the dead guy, but funny to me)!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Truth proved to be stranger than fiction for a high school criminology class investigating a fake crime scene when the students discovered a real body during a field trip.

Teacher Sue Messenger had been creating mock crime scenes with fake skeletons and other evidence for more than 20 years to give students in her forensics courses a firsthand look at what crime scene investigators do.

On Monday, however, 29 students from St. Thomas Aquinas High School got more of a jolt they expected when they discovered the real body in Fort Lauderdale’s Holiday Park.

“The first thing we thought was, ‘That’s a real good dummy she set up,’” said student Juan Cantor, 15.

“I think they kind of went into shock and disbelief,” Messenger said. “What are the odds that we would be out here?”

Police on Tuesday identified the body as David Wayne Bodie, 45, a homeless man who apparently died of natural causes.

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It’s A Cult!

VW Bugs

I am willing to bet that there is not one VW Bug in the United States without a personalized plate.  These cars get on my nerves more than I should probably admit, without sounding like and obsessed nutcase.

Every time I see one, it has a license plate that somehow relates to the VW bug they are driving and it makes me want to hit them.  I am convinced that the people that drive these damn cars all belong to some kind of cult, with their cute little license plates and their weird little fake flowers in the provided fake flower holding apparatus that comes equipped in the VW Bug.  Ugghh, they get on my nerves.

If you happen to be reading this and you drive one, I am not talking about yours.  Seriously!






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