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When Being A Bitch Pays Off

Back in late 2004 my cellular provider (I think is was SunCom) was bought out by Cingular. As a customer, I was given the option to merge, or cancel my contract with no penalty - so I cancelled, mainly because SunCom/Cingular did not have any of the great PDA phones that were out there like Verizon and Sprint did. So I started up my new service with Sprint and got myself the Palm Treo 650 - I LOVED IT! The design of the phone, the pictures, everything! Sadly, I could not get it to sync correctly with all my Windows stuff at work, so it was basically useless to me and I had to exchange it for the Audiovox PPC6600, which was a Windows Mobile equivalent to the Treo, It was okay and served it’s purpose, but after using it for a while, it became really loose where you slid it up and down to get to the keyboard.

After much complaining, they finally replaced it with the newer PPC6700, which in the few short months of having it, has started to have the same damn problem, among others. I cannot get the back to stay on the thing, so the battery keeps coming out and erasing all my crap - VERY FRUSTRATING.

But not anymore - my complaining to Sprint paid off. I told them that I was sick of the sliding feature and was just over sliding pieces on equipment period, among other choice words. I must have picked the right person on the right day and the right minute, because since I have been a good customer (i.e. I pay my bills yo) they went ahead and gave me the new Palm Treo 700wx with Windows Mobile. Look at it up there, isn’t it the most beautiful thing you have EVER seen? Isn’t it? I am so damn happy to be back with a Treo and even happier that it has Windows Mobile and syncs with all my stuff like butta!! I swear to god I want to marry it and have little Treo babies!

If you two decide to upgrade, definitely go with the Windows Mobile version!!!  Okay I am done oohing and ahhing now, I am such a closet geek.

She has been named thanks to Friglet and some-girl.  Her name is Wilma.
Wilma graphic courtesy of the two aforementioned ladies!

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A Hurricane & Mickey’s

It is no secret that I was a wild and rebellious teenager, one needs to look no further than the two devil-spawn children that were born to me to know that they are 100% punishment for my ways. One particular night during my high school years there happened to be a hurricane scheduled to hit the coast of Virginia, but hurricane warnings are an every other week occurrence in Virginia, so that was NOT going to spoil my plans of drinking myself into an early grave. I managed to get my parents to agree to allow me to go to my friend Kathryn’s house, but that was it, I was to “go nowhere else in the car and be home by 11:00” because the eye of the storm was supposed to hit us at around midnight, and as you know, you are perfectly safe in hurricane conditions up until an hour before the eye hits.

I did leave my house in my cool-as-can-be cherry red Nissan Sentra and I did go straight to Kathryn’s house, where I proceeded to pick her up and head straight for the one local gas station that did not ever card anyone, so that we could load up on some Mickey’s Fine Malt Liquor and Camel Light cigarettes (all the cool kids smoked and drank, and I always had to be the coolest of them all). Then we headed down to the beach (nothing beats heading right for the coast line in the middle of a hurricane), to a friend of ours house, where we proceeded to get hammered. At about 11:00pm, we decided to hit a store and get a little more beer and stop by another friend’s house real quick, which is where we hung out till about 12:30am, when we noticed the weather was getting really bad, we were really drunk, and we were out way later that we were supposed to be, which wasn’t too big a deal, since my parents go to bed at like 9:30 and I always sneak in the back door - they never know the difference.

We got up and got ready to go, and I could not find my keys anywhere (try not to focus too long on the fact that I was getting ready to drive drunk, as I was once the best drunk driver in Virginia Beach - a fact that now as a mother I am NOT proud of). Somebody in the room finally suggested that I check to see if I left them in the car, to which I replied, “Umm, I never do that, but I will check!” - Well, not only were they still in the car, but the car was still running, with the AC going and the radio blaring and of course (since we are talking about my luck here) the car was locked. This was a sticky situation, because (1) we were in the middle of the eye of a Hurricane, (2) we were really really drunk and (3) I would have to call my dad to bring me a spare key if we could not break into the car with a hangar, alerting him to the fact that I was not home at 11:00, and that I was not at Kathryn’s house - safe, dry and sober.

Well of course we could not break into the car. The winds were at a thousand miles an hour and Mickey’s was oozing from our pores, so I had to suck it up and call my dad. My dad (captain/pilot in the navy w/ like four masters degrees) told me in a nutshell that I was a complete and total idiot, that he had no clue how I was even related to him and that he most certainly WOULD NOT come out in a Hurricane to bring me a key - for me to “figure it out and he hoped I didn’t die in the process.” So I did the only thing left I could do, I got our big Samoan friend Jo-Jo to wrap his hand in a t-shirt and punch in my window. This plan worked flawlessly and we were on our way - our now cold, wet, wind-blown way. We had to drive fifteen minutes with hurricane conditions on the inside of my car, since we were now windowless. Words cannot describe the anger that steamed from my father the next morning, as he woke up and saw my car in the driveway with no window, full of glass and tree branches.  But I did what he said… I figured it out all by myself and was happily sleeping off my hangover in the comfort of my warm cozy bed.

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Helga Heads West

Helga the Hottie came to live with me back in July of 2005, but has not done much traveling due to the chaos known as my life, but that is ALL about to change.  After seeing WAY too many pictures of George and Willie together with no ladies, Helga has decided it is time to hop on a flight and head out west, so that George and Willie’s gnomies don’t start to think they are gay.  She plans to drop it like it’s hot when she gets out there.

So, get ready some-girl, cause she is on her way to your pad!  I hope that George and Willie treat her well, show her the town and then send back some good pictures of them all together (preferably with their clothes on).  We all know how horny those little gnomes are.  Have fun Helga!

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A to Z of Me!

A. Available or Single? Married for now.
B. Best friend? Nadine, Dena and my Sister.
C. Cake or pie? Whatever happened to brownies?
D. Drink of choice? Anything w/ Coconut Rum in it!
E. Essential item? Nikon D70 Camera
F. Favorite color? Yellow.
G. Gummi bears or worms? Bears, it’s just not the same biting the heads off the worms.
H. Hometown? Virginia Beach, VA.
I. Indulgence? Any technical gadget!
J. January or February? February, the month of love and my birthday!!
K. Kids and names? Kaiden 5 and Ashton 3 in March.
L. Life incomplete without? Internet Access.
M. Marriage date? 04/28/01
N. Number of Siblings? 1 sister and 1 brother, both younger.
O. Oranges or Apples? Apples and all things appley.
P. Phobias/fears? Driving next to 18-Wheelers and being alone.
Q. Favorite Quotation? “Goonies never say die!”
R. Reason to smile? My Kids!
S. Season? Fall.
T. Tag three people: Friglet, some-girl and anyone else reading!
U. Unknown fact about me: I took synchronized swimming lessons as a youth.
V. Vegetable you hate: Lima Beans and Cooked Spinach.
W. Worst habit? Interrupting people.
X. X-rays I’ve had: Pregnancy and Dental.
Y. Your favorite food? Mexican, specifically Steak Fajitas.
Z. Zodiac? Pisces.

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